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Since 2003, I've been immersed in the diverse world of management systems. As an accredited lead auditor for ISO 9001, 14001, 22301, 27001, 27701, 20000-1, and 37001, I've partnered with international conformity assessment companies to conduct rigorous audits for clients across the globe.


With a comprehensive background in certification operations (audit, training, accreditation) and management, I embarked on a freelancing journey in 2018. This deliberate shift enables me to expand my skillset, gain new experiences and expertise in a measured, step-by-step manner. This allows me to stay true to the continuous improvement ethos instilled by my ISO Standards background. 😊 


The past decade has seen me delve deeper into the crucial realms of information security and business continuity. My expertise extends beyond auditing, as I'm an Exemplar Global certified lead auditor trainer for ISO 22301, 27001, and 27701. This allows me to equip organizations with the knowledge and skills to build robust systems and withstand disruptions. 


While showcasing my services isn't the sole purpose, it certainly plays a role. This website is primarily a platform for sharing my unique perspective and insights through a dynamic blog. Join me in exploring new ideas, sparking conversations, and enriching with diverse viewpoints.

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